The sounds of success

When we got a call over the radio today that there was a mom/calf spotted not too far from where we were surveying, we sped off as fast as we could towards the location we were given. When we arrived and found a right whale, we were a little surprised. Here was the calf of #3390, but all alone! The calf didn’t seem too concerned and was simply lolling about at the surface, doing slow rolls and lazy flipper slaps. This was a perfect opportunity to get the hydrophones in the water and record some calls!

Well what did we hear, you ask? The beautiful sounds of success. For only the second time this season, we were recording high quality calls, and lots of them! Just in case you have never had the privilege to listen to right whales, here is a short clip of what they sound like. Now you can boast that you know what it sounds like to be in the water with a right whale!

Calls from the calf of 3390

We were with the calf for almost 2 hours before he met up with mom again. We stayed with the pair for a little while longer before they bid their farewell. The sea had gotten pretty choppy and the wind had picked up, making it much more difficult to keep track of the whales. After a VERY bumpy ride back, we arrived home exhausted and pretty pleased with ourselves. All in all, a great day!

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