It’s a wonderful day for pie!

…and not much else. So we have been grounded for a few days due to some very strong winds, but it wasn’t a total loss. I tried my hand at making Claudia’s key lime pie and it was a success! I wish Leanna and Jess were still here to share in my glory (plus I know they would’ve helped and maybe it wouldn’t have taken an entire afternoon…)!

But back to the whales. Wednesday and Thursday we borrowed the R/V Starbuck and continued our research. Being a smaller boat, we weren’t able to take all of our gear out, but we got most of it. We even attempted to tag a mom, but she wasn’t too keen on the idea so of course we didn’t push it. We were able to get some behavioral data on both days and some recordings on Thursday.

I also got to see my first biopsy, which I am very excited about. Peter Duley, down here for a couple of weeks to help out, was handling the crossbow and managed to dart a calf that multiple teams have been trying to dart this season. Despite the decent swell and a sea state 3, Pete pulled it off! When I grabbed the dart out of the water and took a look at the tip, there it was – a small chunk of skin and blubber. Neat! I got to help (watch and hold tweezers) as Pete and Grace cut it up and packed it away for future analysis.

Well the Selkie is back in the driveway and the weather is clearing  up, so tomorrow we plan to continue our adventure. Maybe we will get lucky and tag a whale! Oh, and because I am so proud of my pie, here is a picture of it. Don’t be jealous…OK, be jealous.

My first key lime pie! Complete with homemade graham cracker crust and whipped cream and using real key limes squeezed by hand of course.


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