Well it has been nearly a week since we last went out, and while it was useful in terms of getting our data organized and browsed, we are all ready to get back out on the water. When we went on Saturday there were at least 8 mom/calf pairs in the area, out of the 16 known pairs down here. That’s pretty amazing! The planes flew on Tuesday though (despite the fog and haze that prevented us from going) and they only came across two adult right whales…no mom/calf pairs. Hmm…hopefully they just moved offshore in anticipation of the storm that came across the area. Or maybe they were just staying down for extended periods of time. There is only one way to find out. We need to get back out there!

It looks like the next 3 or 4 days may be good weather days, so hopefully by this time next week we will have lots of sightings and new data to go through!

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