And just like that…

…they are gone. The PCCS (Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies) team flew their final aerial survey of the season yesterday and found only one lone right whale outside of the Bay. It’s pretty amazing actually. One day there can be a hundred individuals (pretty impressive since there are only about 500 in the entire population), and in a matter of days they are all gone.

What are they doing and where are they going? A large number of the population will now head north into Canadian waters near the Bay of Fundy and the western Scotian shelf. These waters remain cold even during the summer, providing rich feeding grounds. However, just like in Cape Cod Bay, not all individuals will be seen in those areas. Where the remainder of the population is, both now and in the summer, is unknown…

Although we are done in Cape Cod for the year, we will meet up with the right whales in the Bay of Fundy in August for two months of dedicated research. Check our B.O.F. blog to keep up with us and the whales!

Also check out these websites for more information on right whale behavior, habitats, and current research:

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