Eubalaena, where art thou?

Seals and sharks
Puffins and porpoise
Minkes and fin whales
They hide not from us

But where are you, right whale?
It is you that we seek
Who numbers so few
Whose future seems bleak

Eubalaena we’ve watched you
And followed you close
All whales need saviors
But you need us most

For thirty-four summers
Why, even this past
You have gathered in Fundy
You have gathered en masse

But this year is different
This year is odd
There is scant food to be found
Scarcely one copepod

This year you’re gone
You found a new place
And we cannot find you
You left us no trace

Eubalaena, where art thou?
If you are not here
No one can find you
Our hearts fill with fear

Eubalaena, where art thou?
Come back to the Bay
For we cannot protect you
Now that you’ve gone away


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